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Hi, my name is Amy. I live in a small house near the ocean in Los Angeles with my four children and my awesome husband. We are a lively family but we live very quietly ~ I can honestly say that all six of us are homebodies, looking forward to returning home whenever we go out. But the fun thing I've discovered while looking through my camera lens these past years, is that there is a lot of beauty in our "everyday." And I'm looking forward to sharing with you my life as I create and explore new ways to find that beauty.

Always writing and drawing since I could hold a pencil, I actually didn't begin sewing until Father's Day 2006. On that day we were at Target and I convinced my husband to buy me a sewing machine. We decided on the second cheapest machine available that day. Not the cheapest ~ the next one up. (That's our policy when we don't know what we're doing). It's a Shark. And it's the same sewing machine I'm using today. Someday I'll get a fancy one and I can't wait, but how many wives do you know who get presents on Father's Day?

In 2007, I launched nanaCompany on Etsy and it tickles me that people sometimes call me Nana. Back then, Olivia was not yet born and I decided on the name "nana" Company as an acronym... "N" is for Nick (my husband), "A" is for me, "N" is for Nicholas (my son), and "A" is for Anne (my oldest). Well, now that Olivia is here I'm so happy that there is an "O" in Company. And an "M" right after it for Mia. So, nanaCompany makes a lot of sense for us.

Completely self-taught in everything, I am a "see it- do it" kind of girl. And I love trying new things. Maybe someday I'll have a real style, but for now I love vintage and modern, girly and clean, and everything in between.

I'm really excited for the year ahead and I do have high hopes. This blog is a testament to the courage I have mustered and gathered from you girls who have been with me these past years while I fiddled away on flickr and Etsy... you who have been commenting, encouraging, and inspiring. Thank you. So very much. I hope you enjoy the blog.

xo Amy
(March 2011)

(NOTE: Christmas 2011, I switched to a Singer sewing machine and finally said goodbye Shark!)